The Rideau Canal

A picturesque canal with a myriad of locks, the weather is beautiful, the nights are cool and the days warm, everything is green, the Canadians are bemoaning the lack of rain but we are enjoying it. It does bring out the floating vegetation though; we had to stop three times yesterday to clean out the sea strainers.  Denny could win a prize for being the fastest sea strainer cleaner in North America.

Last evening we tied up at the lock wall in Merrickville and took a long walk into the cute artsy town. We were too late getting in and everything was closed.

Nightfall found us, flashlights in hand and beaming into the dark, about fifty yards from the boat in the woods, it is very still, but buggy.

Yipes! Was that a small animal?   “My computer says it is right here, turn your maps on” where does it say we are? My find your phone app is locating.  Things are not complicated enough I have to misplace (lose) my I-phone. “Call me! I can’t hear any ringing”. Thirty minutes later, I realized that the app could remotely cause your phone to make a noise. Ding, Ding, Ding, where is that faint noise?  There it is, back on Dream Seeker, tucked under a chair in the salon with the ringer turned off. Those Apple guys think of everything!

Relief is short lived. Woke up to huge quantities of small dead white flies covering the boat. Out came the brooms and shovels (they felt like shovels but were more like dustpans). Overboard went dead flies and live spiders. Life on the Rideau!

Word Press won’t let me send videos and pictures in the same blog(at least I can’t figure out how) so I will send two videos in the next publishing.

5 thoughts on “The Rideau Canal

  1. Did you go back to that cute town or move on. I think maybe you should get back to Dream Seeker during daylight. Lol.


  2. Wow!! How many Locks have you been through????
    Looks pretty there but I hate flies and spiders!!!
    Enjoying the pictures!!


  3. Well you’re not missing anything in Florida. Torrential rains and thunderstorms.. I’m glad the weather is so nice for you. You need that! Take care and love your pics! 😘


  4. Arden and Denny – Loving the journey ! I see Denny fixed the broken bow rail already – us SeaCraft guys tend to be pretty experienced with epoxy’s !


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