Down Town Ottawa

Bag Pipes are wailing, the temperature is 92 degrees and the humidity is about 35. Old but beautiful buildings came slowly into view as we were rising out of the canal depths. For two hours, Dream Seeker made its way carefully along eight stair-step locks that empty directly into downtown Ottawa, the capital of Canada, providing entertainment for hoards of tourist along the Rideau Canal.

We tied up along the dock wall and found ourselves right in the middle of downtown.  We could walk anywhere and did for three days; Parliament Hill and the impressive changing of the guard ceremony, the Art museums and Notre Dame Basilica.  Sauntered through the By Way market, a farmers market, surrounded by fish markets, delis restaurants and shopping centers and had dinner in an Irish Pub.

Spent some time with some friendly Canadians heading back to Toronto, their home, Art and Bonnie, on the next boat, who gave us some tips on what to see on our next leg of the journey.


7 thoughts on “Down Town Ottawa

  1. It looks beautiful there, and no humidity! Those locks look difficult however. Where are you going next? It’s very exciting watching your different ventures! Hope your wrist is doing much better! Enjoy yourself! 😘


  2. Wonderful stop on your journey….
    Hope you stocked up on supplies and gas with the favorable exchange rates!
    $ 1 USD =$ 1.32 CAD
    $ 50 USD=$ 65.98 CAD


  3. Its fantastic and I love watching your progress. What a great adventure you’re having. Im back in Florida now after spending over a month in Michigan. Its very hot here.


  4. Sounds like a very interesting time you are spending in Ottawa
    Pictures are great!!! So happy you are enjoying it all!! How long do you think it will take you to reach the Great Lakes?? We were in Ottawa in the seventies. I remember the beautiful flowers.
    Take care. Good to hear from you.
    Miss you!😘😘😘😘


  5. Wonderful reward .. after conquering challenges along the way ! !
    Great decision to take that Loop route option . . . .


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