Burlington, Vermont

Burlington is a city in northwestern Vermont on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain,  south of the Canadian border. It is the most populous city in Vermont and home to three colleges and the UVM medical center

Trying to ignore the steep hills of the city and our labored breathing, we perused the shops, craft stores and restaurants of this thriving city.  Even Denny succumbed to its charm and bought himself some new shorts and hat.

Time has gone very quickly and joyfully since we left home in April. We have travelled 1800 miles, almost one third of the journey.  Terry’s toe has healed well and he is looking forward to home and having the stitches removed. We said goodbye to Terry and Sharon and sailed on toward the Richelieu River.

4 thoughts on “Burlington, Vermont

  1. God that place is so quaint and beautiful! Who is going to help you now, remember you’re supposed to be the queen bee! 😘


  2. Arden and Denny…thank you so much for sharing your wonderful boat and hospitality . It has us thinking again about doing summer boat living aboard. Maybe we will trade our Airstream at the end of that journey for a boat…only time will tell.

    PS: If you need help just shout us out at any time.


  3. Burlington is the home of Brueggers bagels. Our son, Jim was a former CEO of the company. Best bagels, I hope you got to taste one.


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