Rouses Point, New York

A deserted dock, a strong current and an outgoing tide all came together with the wind while we tried to dock Dream Seeker in a narrow berth in Gaines Marina, a mile from the Canadian border.  It was only 4:30pm but the marina closed at 4.

JoAnn and Paul, French speaking Canadians, emerged from their concrete sailboat and came to our rescue guiding our path and catching lines.  Over drinks we found they are world travellers who live sometimes in Montreal sometimes in Africa and occasionally on their sailboat. They also had a car and took us to the grocery and hardware store in the morning.

High winds, big waves and dark skies compelled us to postpone our entrance into Canada one more day; a good thing because it was Friday, farmers market day. Denny ventured to US customs for information.

Saturday morning we sailed out on a calm sea, waving good-by to our new friends.

3 thoughts on “Rouses Point, New York

  1. Look up in the sky at the moon tonight and raise your Bourbon/cocktail glasses to those brave astronauts traveling to the moon 50 years ago… with no Bourbon to ease their way…only Moonshine !🌔
    They probably had less technology than you have on your boat or we have on our cellphones today!
    Enjoy the cool Canadian nights.


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