Vergennes, Vermont

There is no “Uber “ in Vergennes but there is a taxi by appointment; today the service stops at 5:30PM. Jessica and William, who run the service, are playing bingo. We taxied to the attractive downtown shops, plumbing supply, and grocery store, about seven miles from the resort.

Vergeenes is a friendly boating haven on Lake Champlain, which prides itself on being Vermont’s oldest and the U.S.’s smallest incorporated city. It boasts a fascinating maritime museum and Red Mill restaurant. The Basin Harbor Club includes a dining room with excellent food and old world charm, a full service marina and totally updated electric service.

“Ay, there’s the rub!”  Dream Seeker does not have totally updated electric service.

Grab those power cords let’s plug into shore power. Pop! A general sound of alarm came from the nearby boaters.  No lights! the air conditioning shut off, what happened to the power? With one small plug in, Dream Seeker managed to wipe out all the electricity in the entire complex.

It seems that the new national electric code calls for highly sensitive ground fault interrupters. Due to the antiquity of Dream Seeker, it’s wiring is not entirely up to standards. In Dream Seeker’s defense, we were able to use one power cord; apparently half the boat was updated.

5 thoughts on “Vergennes, Vermont

  1. Your cast is off!! How’s it doing? Glad you’re having a great time, funny about the electric though!! Denny’s got some upgrading to do when he gets Enjoy!😘


  2. Sounds like a really neat place!!
    Glad you found such a nice place to stop and enjoy on your journey 😊😊😊. Glad everyone got their power back. Who knew??
    Just another adventure while boating!! Love the pictures!
    Take care and keep having a great time!! 😘😘😘


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