Whitehall, New York

Whitehall is considered to be the birthplace of the US navy. The first fleet of  ships is said to have been built here, in 1776, during the American Revolution. It is also where we start our canal trip.

Sixty nautical miles, twelve locks and three days later we are through the Champlain Canal. Directly passed the last lock, we arrive at New Whitehall Marina.  Terry and Sharon are invaluable crew. They know what to do and how to share their knowledge.  They are also fun to be with.

Musicians are setting up; lets have drinks and dinner here.  Lynn, the marina and restaurant owner, a master of many trades and talents, greets us with gusto and lots of wine. He proves to be very knowledgeable, strong and willing to help. It was only after we ordered hamburgers, that we found out he is also a New York Culinary school chef.  Timing is everything!

Want to use the microwave? Don’t forget to shut off the breaker for the galley lights and turn on the microwave breaker. This continual adjustment has been plaguing us since Denny installed the latest electric outlet in the galley.

Lynn is also as electrician; here is the problem, Denny, do you want me to fix it??  My shouts of “yes, yes” go unheard, no, I will do it myself thanks. This is worrisome.

It is time to put the radar arch back up; hopefully there are no more bridges lower than fifteen feet. Four men make this job look easy. A combination of music, dancing, wine and unfettered helpfulness makes this is a great stop.

2 thoughts on “Whitehall, New York

  1. “Denny do you want me to fix it? – – – no, I will do it myself, thanks”

    Worth a great laugh! I can hear myself in those words. . . and my wife’s thoughts in “this is worrisome”.

    Thanks for the blog.



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