Schuylerville, New York

The New York State Canal System is a vital link in a vast network of navigable inland waterways, rivers and lakes in the northeast. The Champlain Canal, only sixty miles long, from Waterford to Whitehall, is rich with heritage architectural ingenuity and friendly residents.

Along with natures beauty and America’s great historic past are the insects. Fifty green flies lies dead and squashed on the pilothouse controls and steps. Denny and Terry have turned into terminators. Die! Die!

On exit from the C4 Lock, music is playing and people are dining and dancing.  A marina and a RV park in one: It is 5PM. We settle down for cocktails on the boat and by 7PM when we head out for dinner, everything is quiet the band is gone and most of the people wrapped up in the arms of Morpheus, but the steak house still creates culinary delights. I thought 9PM for Looper midnight was bad.


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