Lowering the Radar Arch

How high are these upcoming bridges? Check the book! Oh! Wow! the radar arch has to be lowered.  I know it comes down but we haven’t done this before. Thankfully, we are still on a lock wall and Terry is here to help. Out come the measuring devices, hammers and block and tackle. That arch is heavy, where is it going to fall? I mean where are we going to put it down.

Sharon and I know when to take a walk; we need medical supplies. On our return, the deck was a mess but the arch lowered. Good work boys! They were exhausted but smiling. Their prowess was touted with Pappy’s and reexamined all evening long.

The fly bridge is uninhabitable. The cushions were left in the dinghy, the dinghy is holding up the radar arch, the antennae pin down the bicycles, and the antennae tips are nonexistent. When do we get to put the arch up again?



3 thoughts on “Lowering the Radar Arch

  1. OMG!! Thank Goodness you had Help! You might still be there😊 What a Task!! Another Victory!! Yay!!!

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