Mechanicsville, New York

The last two days have been a whirlwind, Terry and Sharon Kent, long time friends of Denny’s, and now also mine, are joining us for a week along the canals and waterways of New York.

We sailed off this morning still recovering from last night’s party. Travelled the Canal system first through a corps of engineer run lock then through three more locks on the New York waterway run by the state of New York, stopping after the third lock along a dock wall at Mechanicsville. N.Y. The town wall dock was a pleasant surprise with free docking, water, electricity and beautifully kept bath and showering facilities, a small town with all its amenities within walking distance.

Our guests arrived in the middle of a party and the party is still going on, except for one five hour period spent in the urgent care center in Mechanicsville. We did need to Uber there but only because Terry was bleeding too much and had trouble walking. A small toe got in the way of a docking maneuver and became almost completely severed from his foot. Eleven stitches, five injections and lots of medication later we were on our way to cocktails and pizza in the local Italian restaurant. What a Guy!





6 thoughts on “Mechanicsville, New York

  1. Yikes! This post made me cringe…what an adventure!
    How many bottles of “medicinal” Bourbon are y’all drinking?


  2. Yikes. Some of your stories make me cringe. I would not be a sea worthy and have the fortitude you have.
    I’m amazed at your adventure.


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