“We found the enemy and he is us!” Pogo

A new water pump, a new accumulator and $500.00 later the culprit was found, a clogged filter. Water is now freely flowing and we have lots of spare parts.

Aggh! What is that? The microwave cut off after three seconds. The breaker popped! Try that again.  Oh! no!, that’s a brand new microwave, “they just don’t make them like they used to”.  Are you sure it’s the new microwave, it has been working just fine. “What else would it be?”

After about five hours of careful consideration, the new electric outlets Denny put in last week are suspect. Let’s turn the breaker for the lights off. Amazing, the microwave works!

We had drinks, dinner and Bocce Ball with more Looper friends last night. Shady Harbor Marina has beautiful facilities and is extremely friendly to Loopers.



2 thoughts on ““We found the enemy and he is us!” Pogo

  1. So boats are fun eh? Good God what’s next! What an adventure you’re having. Thank God for friends and dinner, you always have something to look forward to! We are buried with boxes getting ready to move Saturday. I can hardly wait! Hope you’re beautiful weather keeps up, 😘Linda


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