Water!  Water! everywhere but not a drop to drink.

The washing machine dial is blinking red. The code says insufficient water. Try the faucet, nothing coming out, the control panel, everything OK?

Oh no! not again. The sink is full of dirty dishes, the clothes are partially washed and I need a shower.  “I didn’t have a problem when I was by myself on the boat.  Are you sure there is no water coming out of the tap.”  I chose not to answer that question.

It is a beautiful Monday morning. The weekend warriors are gone and we are alone on this calm and beautiful river, which belies the fact that we have a large and urgent water problem. We continue blissfully on past the Catskill Mountains and north. “I checked with Nigel Caulder who wrote the Boat Owners Bible, we might need a new accumulator tank”.

Thud!  Scrape? What’s up? The river is 28 feet deep here.  I was just trying to subvert the current by sailing close to the rivers edge, just a little out of the channel and aground. We added to the muddy waters and dredged our way out.

Back to reality or what I guess is reality in the world of Looper’s at least this Looper boat.

The next two days we wait for friends to come aboard and hopefully repair the latest debacle.


7 thoughts on “Water!  Water! everywhere but not a drop to drink.

  1. Beautiful pictures but life is not pleasant with no water. Hope the spiders are gone too! At least you have good weather, we are raining all the time! 😘


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