Underway Again

Denny the Deckhand worked the lines and put away the fenders while I piloted the 49 ft vessel from the dock through the busy marina and out to Haverstraw Bay heading for the River. A pleasant reversal of roles!

The temperature is 81 degrees, humidity 58 %. and  the winds 15 mph. The Bear Mountain Bridge is on the horizon spanning the Hudson River Valley in all its glory. The Bridge built in 1924 is the Hudson River crossing for the Maine to Georgia Appalachian Trail. I love New York!

While Denny waited for me at Half Moon Bay Marina he kept himself busy by upgrading the electrical system, doing routine maintenance, removing another strap from the prop and continuing his attack on the Spiders. He is now spraying everything in sight with ‘spider off”.

This morning I watched a spider carefully try to catch a bee in his web.  The bee fought a valiant battle but since I am allergic to bees and abhor spiders I was strangely happy when the entangled duo were swept into the sea by the wind.

On To Kingston

3 thoughts on “Underway Again

  1. So glad you are back on the loop and navigating together. Arden, your family reunion looks like fun. Volney and I just got back from Ashland, Oregon. We met friends there to attend some plays at the Shakespeare Festival. It was great fun and a cool relief from Nashville heat and mold.


  2. If you are going up the Hudson and pass the Poughkeepsie bridge which used to be a railroad bridge but now people walk over the Hudson you can say high for me as I went over this bridge on the back of a moving railroad tanker car!! Brother Ken


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