Shock and Awe

Sailing due north into New York Harbor where small white clouds litter the blue skies and the sun is shining; it is a glorious day! The New York skyline is on the horizon. The seas are amazingly calm and the wind almost non-existent.  For me, a native New Yorker, pure joy

I am shocked by the scarcity of huge sea going vessels. They are certainly there but not in the numbers expected. Just one exception, a massive green boat adorned with shark teeth and speeding in a serpentine path through the harbor thrilling its passengers but not us or the small boat that ran in front of us to get out of its path.

Good use of a horn Denny.

I am in awe of the quickly approaching skyline, looking toward Manhattan and watching for the bifurcation of the island into the East and Hudson rivers We circumnavigated the Statue of Liberty, passed the battery, the world trade center memorial, the Empire state building, the Freedom Tower an on to Grants tomb.

Taking the western route up the Hudson.


6 thoughts on “Shock and Awe

  1. You made it! Fantastic skyline and we love following you. Keep those adventures coming! Stay safe and have fun!
    Terry & Liz


  2. What a beautiful view.. I know I feel like that when I travel to Chicago and see the skyline! Enjoy your time there.. hope you’re wrist is doing good!😘


  3. Love NYC
    “I want to be a part of it
    New York, New York”
    “These vagabond shoes
    They are longing to stray
    Right through the very heart of it
    New York, New York”…
    ⭐️“If I can make it there
    I’ll make it anywhere⭐️
    It’s up to you
    New York, New York”
    (made famous by ’Ol Blue Eyes)
    Glad you had such a beautiful day there.


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