Half Moon Bay, New York

A picturesque bay, a quiet lagoon a lovely marina, they make up what is Half Moon Bay on the Hudson River. Two other boats flying the looper flag follow us in. Wonderful, cocktails tonight with friends and company for Denny while I am gone! Loren leaves tomorrow; it is his last day with us. He will be missed.

Denny has chosen to stay at Half Moon Bay for the next week doing routine maintenance on the boat, changing the oil, putting new lighting in the pilot house and galley and exercising the dinghy. I am going to my annual family reunion.

My first class passenger status is soon to be revoked.  I have one last week of coddling; my son David and his wife Christine are picking me up in the morning for our trip to northern Maryland and the reunion.


6 thoughts on “Half Moon Bay, New York

  1. So pretty!! Glad you get to attend your Reunion!! And I know you will enjoy David and family for the week!! All good news!!
    Miss you!


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