Staten Island, New York

“Always can find room for a looper”, was John’s friendly greeting.  John is a Looper “Harbor Host” and is exactly what we think a “Harbor Host “should be, he is extremely knowledgable and accommodating! His Yacht Club is on a beautiful calm harbor in New York City.

The Club’s bar is where we met two other Looper couples and learned about the area. Leslie and Mark aboard “Antonia” had a rental car and took us to Frank and Sal’s Italian deli  to get a few provisions and a hero sandwich for Loren, his first.  “Antonia” was one of the fourteen boats we looked at before buying Dream Seeker (six degrees of separation).

Loren chose to stay behind and became a super giant spider killer. He scrubbed the decks and headings industriously. Can we ever get rid of these insidious insects?      Loren has been a great help and proved to be very knowledgeable as well as fun.           We did man overboard drills and I piloted the boat.

The plan is to enter New York Harbor on Thursday afternoon.


4 thoughts on “Staten Island, New York

  1. How great to hear from you with Happy news and No problems for my girlfriend Arden!! Now you are truly having a great day as you so Deserve!! Happy Boating from now on!! Miss you!!


  2. A fun experience for you now you are on the mend and can drive. When are you heading to the reunion? Hugs to all from me. Love, Kay


  3. Glad you are finally having a good time. Praying you continue to have good weather.
    I’m getting ready to go back to FL. It’ s hotter than h—l here in VA.
    By the way , who is Loren?



  4. Love the happy news!! The pics are wonderful and keep them coming!! Hope the wrist continues to heal and you can be more proArden in the sailing….know you love it!! Stay happy, healthy and sail on!! xoxo, Gayle


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