The Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean along the New Jersey shore going north showed Seas 3-4 occasionally 5, wind 10-15, and skies dark with rain. The ocean can be both calm and wild, both beautiful and dangerous.

We left Atlantic City in early morning hoping to make Manasquan by late afternoon. The guidebooks still tout Atlantic City as one of the best cruising destinations on the Jersey coast. That is not what we saw, we saw emptiness, cheerlessness and listlessness in the casinos, Atlantic City, a shadow of its former self. The marinas were an exception; they were full of huge yachts and sport fishing boats. Dream Seeker was dwarfed by their size and magnificence.

The trip to Manasquan started out extremely rough but as Loren predicted, the ocean calmed down and the trip was tolerable and at times quite pleasant.

Denny neglected to notice that Captain Bills marina where he planned for us to stay tonight has no facilities. It is too late to move, every other marina in the area is full.  I have decided to take back some of my First Class passenger status and make the arrangements again or at least, oversee them.

Met up with John (SailorChulda) a Sea Craft owner and Point Pleasant native. He and Denny have known each other on the classic Sea Craft sight for many years. It was a pleasure to meet him and learn about this beautiful seaside town.

Cocktails on the boat and dinner at the Shrimp Box, I am enjoying this evening pastime.

2 thoughts on “The Ocean

  1. Good morning Arden, great commentary. It does not sound like there’s ever a dull moment!
    Just remember a glass of red wine may not make things better, but for certain things won’t be any worse. Cheers 🍷


  2. You go First Class passenger!!! Denny will learn, Arden does NOT tolerate woops!! Love your notes and photos. Just got back from a quickie trip to NE visiting friends in Conn, wedding in Saratoga Springs then the Brinks in VT. A little agresive itinerary for my healing back, but I’m home and doing more appropriate activities! love to you both,Gayle


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