Cape May, New Jersey

It is 9am; no water coming out of the faucets again.  Perhaps that pump was not properly repaired.  Don’t worry it will take me 15 minutes to change the pump. I have a spare.

Eight hours later and two trips to the store there is still no water.

There are very few things you can do without water. You can read but not cook.  You can write but not wash clothes. You can dress but not shower.

The ICW has not been well maintained in New Jersey and it is wiser to travel along the ocean rather than through the waterway.  The weather will be good for the next two days; we need to leave tomorrow morning to take advantage of this. New York harbor is two days away. It would be good to have water for this leg of the journey (or any leg for that matter).

Bob left this morning and Lauren came in his place. I need to maintain my first class passenger status.

Denny made one more trip to the engine room and WOW running water. Celebratory cocktails on Dream Seeker and dinner at the Lobster House!

Life is good!

6 thoughts on “Cape May, New Jersey

  1. Water is very important! Glad that’s running again! Please keep up the first class for awhile, you have enough to do ! Enjoy the view, 😘


  2. Glad you have water again! That’s up there with air and food;) Keep up the first class status – you’ll heal quicker. Happy and safe boating to you.


  3. OMG!!
    You are such a good sport !!
    Hang in there!! Please remain the First class passenger until you are completely healed! Miss you 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


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