First Class Passenger

Words from the Doctor: You are doing very well, almost full range of motion in your wrist, but remember, no matter how hard you try or who you are, it takes six weeks to heal a wrist fracture so wear your brace, ergo, being a first class passenger has its ups and downs.

No working the lines and driving the boat but I can enjoy the journey.  No moving without hanging on but I can smell the sea air. Bob is helping us on this leg of the journey taking over some of my duties and I am trying to not pick up a line.

The Chesapeake and Delaware Canal is a 14 mile long, 450 feet wide and 35 feet deep ship canal that connects the Delaware River with the Chesapeake Bay and we came through it with a myriad of huge ships.

The Delaware Bay is at the end of the canal and we are currently working our way down it. The seas are much calmer than yesterday although far from flat. The destination is Cape May, New Jersey. The sun is shining.

Life is good!  I like being treated as a first class passenger.


2 thoughts on “First Class Passenger

  1. Good to hear you are enjoying the next leg of your journey !! Wise decision to be a Princess, which
    is my favorite thing !!!! Hope you have calm seas off of Cape May and DO NOT grab any lines, PLEASE !!
    We love you and want you to stay out of trouble !!! Let the Men take care of you for a change ….
    They will love it !!!
    Hugs,Maria & Sherrill


  2. Glad to hear you are making progress. If you need anything in Jersey, we are located an easy drive from Barnegat Bay, Mansasquan Inlet, and Raritan Bay/Sandy Hook. Denny helped me out on my Seacraft project via ClassicSecraft forum and email, and I would be happy to return the favor. If you need local knowledge or recommendations/assistance as you transit NJ, feel free to call. My cell is 732-672-1499. Regards, John Chludzinski (“SailorChlud” on CSC).


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