Stop the Boat I want to get off


We are traversing the northern end of the infamous and changeable Chesapeake Bay, and it is living up to its reputation.

Small Craft Warnings! When did that happen? Why didn’t you tell me there were small craft warnings?

Crash! The computer flew across the room; books and charts have a mind of their own. Bang!   What was that? Doors are trying to wrench off their hinges.  Flying missiles are everywhere. Who said we don’t need stabilizers?

The seas are rolling from 3-4 feet, except where they are pitching 6-7 feet. We are going against the current and only able to travel at 6 knots.

What happened to your mantra Denny? This is supposed to be pleasure boating. Needless to say the next seven hours were less than pleasure.

Denny has lost his hero status.  Fame is short lived.

8 thoughts on “Stop the Boat I want to get off

  1. Someone should be writing for the New York Times Humor column. Here is a bit of advice. When the contraption you are in is rocking, you need to think of docking and start thinking of drinking.

    I can remember a time not too long ago when someone said, Want to be on the boat again! Be careful for what you wish for.


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