Back to Bedlam

An easy flight, a rental car, horrendous traffic from DC to Annapolis, a bumpy water taxi, the trip went from delightful anticipation to Bedlam in hours.

The batteries are dead! How about the generator?

No water coming out of the faucets. The water pump is dead!!

The starboard engine is not turning over!

Those engines were humming when we left!

Hot and humid! No air conditioning!

The boat is full of spiders. AGH!!!

Three weeks on a mooring ball has left its mark on Dream Seeker.

Denny is on full concentration mode. Let’s bleed the engines and get this to the dock.

Three hours later with thoughtful consideration and deliberation we were on our way to a motel for the night. Up early (Denny was up all night) and to the boat.

I don’t know what he did but he did it.   He would love telling you about it.    All systems are a go. We leave in the morning.

A huge storm this evening, made way for a beautiful rainbow.



7 thoughts on “Back to Bedlam

  1. Bleed the engines?? Good to know that they run on blood. Where do the engines get the blood? Huh, never mind…..Ken


  2. Good grief! Spiders? I’m glad you stayed at a Motel… onlyDenny could fix all that was wrong, he’s so good.. well enjoy for now! 😘


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