A Call to Action

A call from Judy and Alex, on “MoonGlow”, friends from Nettles Island!

They got a late start on the Loop because of engine concerns and are now held up in Jacksonville Fl., with generator problems. Just when you think you may have gotten ahead of the game, fate always intervenes.

Are you returning to the Loop? When? Can we catch up with you? When do you get to New York? How long will you be there?

These are all questions we are asking ourselves as well.

We are flying back to Annapolis on Wednesday, to the scene of the crime; from there, we go due north into the abyss.

Our dilemma is now therapists or hospital visits soon it will be; The waterway or the ocean.

A call to action, yes, we are returning to the Loop. Life is fleeting enjoy every minute you have left.


5 thoughts on “A Call to Action

  1. Glad to hear you are all doing well and will be heading out again. We are on RT 70 in NY and heading for Niagara Falls. The Erie Canal close by so stopped at one of the locks to take a picture. I’ll forward to Denny on a text.


  2. So glad to hear you are back in the game ! God Bless and God Speed ! Life is fleeting, enjoy every minute – this is so true. My Carol still has two years before retirement, and we still need to find the right boat, but Block Island is on the schedule this summer, and hopefully Nantucket, too. Slowly Onward, into the Sunset ! Get ‘er done !


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