Foul smells and stale air, I am not sure if I have been promoted or demoted.   Forty-five minutes in what Denny calls “the holy place” AKA the engine room, an inner sanctum of pipes, tubes, sharp angles and interminable noise.

Six hundred gallons of fuel is being loaded on the boat and I am watching the progress of fuel go up a gauge and opening and closing valves. Is this job really necessary?? Could someone else do it? Who did it before today?

We are in the Chesapeake Bay hoping to reach Deltaville this afternoon. The rain continues, the seas 2-3, the temperature is 64, and a hearty soup is cooking on the stove.

Five hours later, Deltaville, sailboats and sunshine. Ah Mecca!


7 thoughts on “Fueling

  1. Really? 600 gallons. Thats a lot of fuel. Youshould be good for many many miles. Thanks for the update Terry

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  2. Arden

    We are having so much fun following your adventures! We’d like to try to see you sometime when you are a bit farther north in Virginia, or Maryland. Where will your stops be and approximately when?


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  3. Quit learning new jobs. Just got your nails done. No valve opening or closing might chip your polish.


  4. Arden you and Denny are now in Maria and I old stopping grounds. We cruised all over the Chesapeake Bay. Been in Deltaville many times. You have some great places to stop on your way up. Solomons Island. Anheuser‘s is a great marina in the Solomons if you stop there. I would really urge you when you get up near Annapolis on the Eastern shore side of the bay stop in Saint Michael’s it’s beautiful. Chesapeake Bay is the largest natural actuary in the entire United States. Enjoy it all. Safe cruising.

    Maria & Sherrill


  5. enjoy following you up the beautiful Ches bay, that I cruised most of my adult life. Continued safe cruise. Dick & Chris


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