Deltaville Va.

A pleasant surprise! A small town of 800 friendly people,  a hardware store to please anyone and a 15,000 square foot West Marine to please Denny.

We had lunch at “The Table”, a gourmet farm to table restaurant that can compete anywhere in the US. The fish tacos were amazing and I took it as a positive omen that they served my very favorite chowder, Manhattan clam chowder.

Our microwave oven died, why not, everything else did.  There is a Wal-Mart twenty miles away, let’s see if they have what you need, it’s only 20 miles away.  Take the truck. The Marina could not have been more accommodating.

There are four “Looper” boats here, all great people knocking on our door. We had dinner with Phil and Dolores from Huntington Long Island.  They are restarting the Loop from here having abandoned it last year.

We are leaving in the morning for the Solomon Islands and the DeFever rendezvous.


5 thoughts on “Deltaville Va.

  1. Glad you are enjoying Deltaville. The Deltaville area has always been a prime stopping point for all boaters on the Chesapeake Bay. Smooth sailing north and enjoy Solomons.


  2. I love small towns! They have nice people that cater to you, they’re happy to see you! Geez, now the microwave.. by the time you get to the end, you’ll have a brand new boat!🤣oh well, that’s the exciting part of the trip.. what’s next! I met Barbara at Seacoast Bank on High Meadow last night and gave her products to take with her for the summer. They are leaving at the end of the week. I thought the traffic would be better, wrong!! It’s still crazy in Palm City!
    John is coming to my studio tomorrow and helping me pack up for my move. We will be moving Friday and Saturday. Wish me luck! Take care and enjoy the seas!😘


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