Moving On

It is time to leave this marina, most of the tasks are done. It is getting noisier every day. We have seen all we want to see of Norfolk, too much time has been spent in one place.

There is a storm coming in tonight we will leave when it is over. All the washing is done. The repair of the anchor light has proven to be a difficult task not yet achieved.

The fleet of 2019 is on its way, all at different intervals. We leave in the morning.



5 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. So you had enough of Norfolk huh? Well I’m glad you got your wash done, that makes anyone feel better. You’ve had a hard time to say the least! I wouldn’t be such a trooper as you, you’re attitude is great! Keep up the good attitude girl! By the way, how’s your skin doing? Have you been putting your sunblock on (I hope!) Have a good boating day today, we are having heavy thunderstorms this afternoon. 🦋⛈😘


      1. Love the “G.W. Taylor Kentucky Whiskey” shirt 😉
        That stuff was what you put “ down the hatch”…in 1862!


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