Still in Virginia

The sessions are finished, the books are put away, the parties are over and acquaintances, soon to be friends have been made. Boats still in the Marina, Dream Seeker among them, have concerns they need to address.

Denny is deep in the bowels of the boat extricating the old washer. Fortunately he has help from some newly acquired Looper friends.

I should be at the local mall getting my nails done but instead I am on the ferry to another marina to buy a boat part. The anchor light still does not operate properly nor do many of our cabin lights.  The seawater pump hose is still leaking creating a salt mine in the engine room. We are staying a few extra days in this Marina to remedy these problems.

A trip to the local Harris Teeter worked out the provisioning problems. Docktails solved the rest.


6 thoughts on “Still in Virginia

  1. The washing machine…yikes! Looks like you’re making a lot of friends and that helps with all this stuff going on! The weather looks pretty nice as well, enjoy! 😘


  2. wow! The trip of a lifetime, your doing a great job of recording all your events and mishaps. nothing worth having comes easily. thanks for sharing.


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