Norfolk Virginia

The horns are blaring the ferries are running there is continuous ship traffic.  It is a big and beautiful working harbor.  Enormous military ships are either being built new or in for maintenance.

The “Looper Rendezvous” is in progress.  250 people are in attendance, about fifty boats. Not all attendees are on the loop, some are finished and sharing their knowledge and some are in the planning stages. Amazing to see so many on the same wavelength.

Our boat is on the Looper Crawl”, which means that other Loopers are welcome to come aboard and look around during a 2 hour period today.  Denny is frantically trying to get the last vestiges of bugs off the vessel. He is actually suggesting we need to show it warts and all.  That may happen, as the bug removal is tedious and difficult.

8 thoughts on “Norfolk Virginia

  1. Glad you guys made it to Norfolk for the rendezvous. Yes Norfolk is a very busy Harbor. I hope waterside is as nice as it used to be. When you leave waterside and go up toward the mouth of the Elizabeth River you will be passing the largest naval base in the world . That is where my office was for a number of years. I hope you have good calm weather going up the Chesapeake Bay. It can get a little rough if you’ve got the wind out of the Northeast. Take care sounds like that you’re having a good time even with those few bumps in the road.

    Everything is good back here at home in Monarch.

    Maria & Sherrill


  2. Now it sounds like fun again👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Have fun showing Dream Seaker off. Screw the bugs.


  3. Just keep the bugs on.. everyone has it, unless they have a maintenance crew on staff! Just enjoy the time, relax! 😘


  4. I am enjoying following your adventures! Wishing Arden a wonderful Mother’s Day. Love to both of you. Happy and safe boating.🛥


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