Muddy Waters

The ten miles north of Charleston on the ICW is very shallow. The guidebook says it must be traversed on a rising tide, our experience today indicates, high tide is better.  We only ran aground twice.

Stuck on the bottom, mud churned up by the struggling engines, but a beautiful day.      At times we felt like we were dredging our own canal.

Only managed to motor 37 miles. We are hoping to make Norfolk for a Looper rendezvous May 6-9, six days left to do 430 miles. I hope we won’t prove the adage that “the worst thing you can have on a boat is a schedule”.

Just as we were having our fill of this low country, so shallow, flat and buggy, five incredible huge bottlenose dolphins spent one-half an hour escorting us out to larger waters. I have another spectacular video.


5 thoughts on “Muddy Waters

  1. Rather have video of dolphins than churning muddy water. Your right it is buggy in low country. May you have calm deep water the rest of your trip.


  2. That was funny, churning your way in muddy waters! I’m glad the dolphins came around, they were leading you out!😘


  3. Hello Denny & Arden, Loving the blog! We would love to see Denny working the grill full of hog sausages and a well deserved BEER in his hand. Enjoy! Barbara F


  4. More excitement😳😳😳😳 very glad to have that nice Keel I’m sure. When you go into Virginia and northern North Carolina you will have some more thin spots but with your Keel you should be OK. If you don’t have any trouble I think you can make it . We made it from Southern North Carolina to Yorktown Virginia on a sailboat in three long days We enjoyed your pictures. Save travels.



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