Waterfront Property

If you are looking for property on the water, you should travel along the ICW just south of Myrtle Beach. Every other tract of land is new construction and the rest seems quite available.

The Socastee Swing Bridge, vertical clearance of 11 feet opens on demand but she likes to have many boats traveling through at the same time.

The ICW in North Carolina is dotted with shrimp boats and easily navigated. We started out this morning and should anchor about 7 PM, a long day.  We will anchor in Wrightsville Beach hoping to make the rendezvous on May 5. Only 283 miles to go.

Enjoying the Bridge
Socastee Swing Bridge
It is 5 o’clock somewhere
Give way sailboat
Shrimp Boats
Is this downwind? Checking the temperature with an infrared thermometer!




6 thoughts on “Waterfront Property

  1. It looks beautiful! so glad you are having fun. We have a big weekend coming up. Elizabeth arrives on Friday and I am having a dinner party for Laura and Sean (an, of course, Florence), Elizabeth, and Sean’s brother, Jason, and his fiancee, Elisabeth. Good to be busy. Barbie


  2. I love the area you are in! I have a client that owns Fitzgerald Realty in Mrytles Beach and she sells waterfront lots and homes like crazy right now. Wrightsville Beach is a beautiful area. That is where Sean and I traveled for 6 years straight as my in-laws live in Wilmington. (Former in laws) You’ll like Wrightsville Beach and surrounding area. Guess you’re staying there for a while. Enjoy! I see you’re starting your fun early!🎉wear your sun block girl! 😘


  3. I believe that is the bridge that broke just as we approached it returning from our summer cruise to NC in 2017. We saw it close but then it broke. Had to wait over an hour for the mechanics to show up because they were working on the swing bridge to the north that we had just come through! Loved the Waccamaw River stretch of the ICW. Glad you are underway and happy I found your blog (thanks to your SeaCraft buddy Sandy)!


  4. Great pictures .. great area ! Used to vacation at Sunset Beach, north of Myrtle. They also had an interesting, historic swing bridge .. now replaced.
    Sounds like you all are on track for the Rendezvous ! !


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