Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston harbor is a heavily used ship channel with a great deal of commercial traffic and a harmonious harbor with a myriad of beautiful boats.  A water taxi takes you to all sides of the harbor every twenty minutes. We docked by three old ships, World War 2 vintage, a destroyer (the Laffey), an aircraft carrier (Yorktown) and a very old and rusting submarine. We toured them all.

“Old’sCool”, (great boat name) Cam and Karen, lifelong Charlestonians and members of the SeaCraft group, met us in the downtown marina bearing gifts of handmade wild Hog sausages, but first he caught the wild hog.  Our new grille will get its first test.   Cam not only chauffeured us to West Marine but also gave us a few tips on how to deal with a broken anchor light.

Our anchor light has been broken for a week, causing great consternation to the local police. They always seem to appear out of nowhere.

4 thoughts on “Charleston, South Carolina

  1. Hi Arden
    Did you get my last Comment in reply to your blog about Charleston? We can’t see any comments when we look at your blog? We don’t know if we are doing it properly so we can see all comments. Help?


  2. Well blog went from hysterical to historical. Let me know how the wild hog sausage is. If you ever eat it.


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