What is That???

Do you feel those vibrations?    No!  Do you see the gearshift shaking?  Not really!

Can’t you see the movement? Sorry No! The engine has been quivering for a few days.   I need to suit up and go look at the prop.

Hard to imagine but, I am not as attuned as Denny when it comes to engines.

Are you sure you want to go in? Are you sure there is anything in there? It is cold and windy out there. Are you thinking about the electric current that may lurk in marina waters from surrounding boats?

There is a problem.  I’m going in!!!



It feels good to be right.  Quite a bit of line wrapped around the prop. The engine is purring.



7 thoughts on “What is That???

  1. Yet another life and death situation has been bypassed. Is the knife strapped to his body allowing Denny to kill an approaching shark? Why are there no pictures of you Arden. Are you just writing from home? Brother K


  2. Experience, knowledge, and preparation add MUCH to an adventure ! ! Good that you have them all with you !

    Charleston ? Another great stop .. history, restaurants, things to see .. and your great dock area, just down from the Yorktown ! !


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