The Low Country

Beaufort, South Carolina, pronounced “Bewfort”, contrasted to Beaufort (Bo-fort) North Carolina. We are docked at the Downtown Marina.

Beaufort’s downtown area is located in the National Register of Historic places. The streets are lined with grand oaks, historic homes and churches all within walking distance of the boat, everything but a grocery store.

We shared a ride in the marina courtesy car to the grocery store with another Looper, Mike, and his two friends, traveling with him for a week. Large men.  Small car. Tight squeeze.

The hardware store is unbelievable for a small town. A man could spend hours in it and some did.

The Blue Angels are in town, what a spectacular view and extremely loud.



2 thoughts on “The Low Country

  1. Tell them they need to work out more! How did u get the groceries in the car with them??🤣 hope all is well!😘


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