Green Turtle


Green Turtle to Bakers Bay Anchorage

Off to Bakers Bay for a day of snorkeling and regrouping.

Two miles out and the clouds roll in, the thundering starts and the wind blows in the rain.  

“Didn’t you check the weather this morning?” No it just looked so sunny and calm. Let us soldier on, maybe it will clear. “The radar doesn’t say it will”. Two miles further, heavy rain and  winds blowing 20-30 miles per hour,  we returned to Green Turtle and safety.

I spent the next four hours trying to remember how to use the Word Press software.  It seems they have made a few changes since I last used it.  I wanted to get my Blog sent out. 

The Word Press help site is called “The Happiness Engineer”. So I chatted with them and explained that I was not very happy.  They were cheerful and helpful even going so far as making a video just for my problem and emailing it to me. Unfortunately they no longer email out my blocks in full color.  You have to go onto the site to see it in all its glory. Unfortunately,  two of the same blog were published.

But by this time we were well into cocktail time and Denny was thirsty. The happiness engineer sent me a email of our entire four hour conversation and I put the issue to rest until morning.

8 thoughts on “Green Turtle

  1. I know, software can be a pain. Wish I could be there to share cocktails🍸. Loving the pictures and your awesome blog writing! Wishing you safe travels and lots of fun 🤗❤️


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