Leaving Chicago

Al and Janet, two long time friends of Denny’s, joined us on Saturday morning for a cruise out of Chicago and down the River. The route encompasses the Calumet River to Cal-Sag Channel and the Sanitary Ship Canal. It is a slightly longer route than going through downtown Chicago but Dream Seeker is too tall to go under two of the fixed bridges in downtown.

Heavy commercial traffic and banks laden with steel, coal, sand and salt greeted us all along the waterway. Besides moving freight, this canal and river system takes Chicago’s entire sanitary waste south. Put another way, Chicago’s waste does not pollute Lake Michigan it flows south contributing to pollution on the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers ending up in the Gulf of Mexico.

Karen, Al and Janet’s daughter, with her dog Kelly joined us to drive her parents back to Chicago.




2 thoughts on “Leaving Chicago

  1. You guys are in a race to get to that lock everyone in Looperville is talking about, before it closes for 2-3 weeks for maintenance !!


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