A View from the Bridge

The ICW is very windy and wind-y in Georgia.  Lots of time to look around. We are on our way to Turner Creek to get some exercise walking or biking to get provisions.  The dinghy will be put to good use again.



If you put your cursor over each picture you can see a caption.

The AGLCA flag identifies you as a genuine “Looper”.  We have seen about 8 looper boats along the way but only had the ability to talk to one so far. We are looking forward to spending time with all of them along the way.

It seems we will not get into shore tonight. “That damm connection”! I have been out in the dinghy three times, two of those Denny needed to row us back to the boat. I guess we will never see Turner Creek Ga.



3 thoughts on “A View from the Bridge

  1. I’m sorry you couldn’t get in to see that town…oh well it wasn’t meant to be.. today is a new day, it will be better! Going to be 85 here today, and tomorrow 90! Heat wave… take care and have fun! Linda


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