Still in Florida Jacksonville

Sunny but cold!   It is 45 degrees and the wind is blowing hard and steady.

Luckily we are ensconced in Palm Harbor Marina in Jacksonville. Visiting with Valerie and Kevin, doing our laundry and being driven from boating supply store, to drug store, to the grocery store, we need a Valerie at every port of call.

Oil change? 6 gallons of waste?  A hazardous waste dump is 45 miles away. Once a year there is a satellite pick up about 2 miles from you. What day is today? That day!! What Luck! Everyone there loved Valerie’s sunglasses.




4 thoughts on “Still in Florida Jacksonville

  1. Boy were you lucky that the waste could be picked up! Hope you’re having a good time and have a happy Easter! We send our love, John Linda and Sean 🐇🐣🥰


  2. So glad you have a safe port and family too! It’s in the 40s in Nashville too, but warmer tomorrow. Happy Easter!


  3. We are having a great time with Denny and Mom on the boat. The boat has received almost more compliments as my sunglasses


  4. Sure glad we were in a marina when that squall line came thru! I’m guessing we had wind gusts of 35-40 for a few minutes!


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