Just south of St Augustine Fl

Alarm bell sounds and a scrolling red bar comes across the screen.       NOAA Alert!!

Gale force winds for St Augustine and north, winds 34 to 47 knots, seas building 8 to 11 ft. Highly recommended that you seek a safe harbor.

We are approaching our anchorage for the night. Other boats are anchored there they haven’t run for the hills yet. The current is running north to south, the winds south south east and the tide is coming in. The boat will not stay steady enough to put out the anchor. The man on the sailboat behind us is carefully watching and cringing every time we blow near. The anchor set on the fourth attempt.

Dream Seeker and its captain are challenged but they persevere.  Take all the electronics off the bridge and hunker down for the continuous rain and wind through the night.

Up early, the warning is still there but the sun is shining. We are heading to Jacksonville to spend the weekend at a secluded marina. There is more bad weather on the horizon.



The chart plotter documented the path of the boat during the night.


4 thoughts on “ Just south of St Augustine Fl

  1. Is it possible that Dream Seeker is a menace on the high seas or at least the sail boat captain might think so…..

    You may need a heavier anchor!! You need two anchors.


  2. Hi Uncle Kenny! Mom and Denny are at my house right now doing laundry. I was trying to log in as a follower and found out someone had tried to subscribe to a wordpress blog 36 times in the last two years with my email. Just got that all straitened out. But we are having fun, particularly when we are on the boat which is docked only a couple miles away from our home.


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