The Way Home

Green Turtle to Great Sale

Our fellow travelers are spending another few days in Green Turtle, so we say our good-byes with farewell drinks. We leave in the morning. See you next week!

Anchoring for the night at Great Sale, on our way to Old Bahama Bay at West End, we had drinks and dinner under the stars.

The sea was murky but warm and calm. Denny called it a Fish Mud. I thought it was just full of vegetation from the hurricane. This proved to be prophetic when we pulled up anchor the next morning.

Part of a tree was securely fastened to the anchor, over and over again by curls of anchor chain.  Oh! No! Came from Denny”s mouth again.

Grab that piece! Give me a line! Lasso that branch! Can you reach it? Do we have a saw?

Perhaps we can flip it. Clockwise or counter clockwise? Lower it! Raise it!  

Two hours later the tree released us from its menacing grasp and returned to its sinister grave.

Sailed off to the West End of OBB and tied up at the Marina. My comment to the dockhand,“It is cooler than three weeks ago when we were here last” was met with disbelief and a retort “It is probably the hour”. 

The local restaurant laden with boaters assuaged our hunger and thirst. The ambiance gave us peace.

4 thoughts on “The Way Home

  1. It seems you just can’t figure on what can possibly happen to a boat. Anyway the tree deserves to go to its watery grave for being so dumb. Love Ken


  2. I truly enjoy reading about your exploits. Seems like good friends and cocktails gets you through some of the sailing difficulties. But you meet them head on and succeed. You two are having a lifetime adventure. Love it!


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