Paradise Lost

Dream Seeker must sail from this quiet shallow port on high tide! This morning it is 10 AM and we must go. Denny is in his element.

Fresh water is difficult to come by on these islands and Kamalame cay is no exception. It provided fresh water in small doses.  West End has reverse osmosis plants so water was plentiful there. 

The family is going their separate ways. Two on the  the seaplane, some on the the ferry to the airport, three of us on Dream Seeker, Clare, one of my six beautiful granddaughter’s is sharing our journey home. Although exhausted from ten days of revelry I am delighted to have her on board.

The celebration is over but will never be forgotten! The resort was amazing and the people so very happy to have us. Walking, running, bicycles and golf carts were the major forms  transportation on this three mile long island. But I still drank too much and didn’t get enough exercise. 

Ah, the good life!

9 thoughts on “Paradise Lost

  1. I am so glad you all have had a wonderful time and how fun to spend extra time with your granddaughter. Have a safe trip home.


  2. What beautiful pictures! I’m glad you took care of your skin! Makes me happy to see your hat! Glad you’re on your travels home. It’s chilly here, so take care!😘


  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family pictures. So wonderful that you could enjoy such togetherness during such a difficult period. Can’t wait to see you, if we can, when you get back. Be safe and enjoy the rest of your trip. A Happy, Healthy New Year! 🌺🌹❤️ Barbara Sent from my iPad



  4. Arden & Denny-
    As always we enjoyed your journey a bit through your blogs. Also wonderful to see all the smiles of your family enjoying each other in such a beautiful location. Smooth sailing on your return to Nettles Island. HNY
    Anita & Terry


  5. What a great trip we had!! I can not believe it is over. So many memories; bungalows on the ocean, family dinners, fishing-grandma feeding the entire family with her catch, fireworks, trivia, kayaking, small planes, the Monkey Bar, golf carts, Mt. Kamalame, Batik factory, and lots of conversation and family time. Hope you are enjoying your ocean crossing with Clare.


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