Kamalame Cay

Palm trees sway, the ocean sparkles and faces are smiling:  Welcome to Kamalame Cay.

The guide book says that  Kamalame, was named after the native tree that is found in abundance across the island, the Kamalame tree, but I believe it is a Gumbo Limbo.   The tree is also referred to as a tourist tree because the bark is red and peeling, like a tourist.

The resort is lovely but the marina is unaccustomed to large boats and their individual needs like water.  The island is approachable at high tide only and the marina has no potable water. Joey, the dock master, a master diver and instructor tells us all this and more will be available next year.  But for the present he is filling our two, two-hundred gallon water tanks with 5 gallon jugs. They have been working since noon and it is now cocktail time.

Hourly reports from my children state they have all passed their COVID tests, have their Bahamian health visas in hand and are hoping to pass the one remaining obstacle, The winter storms due to hit the northeast tomorrow, travel day.

Merry Christmas! 

Pictures: the Ferry, one of our rented houses and us enjoying the ambiance!

8 thoughts on “Kamalame Cay

  1. Merry Christmas! I’m glad you’re wearing your pink hat! The guest house looks very festive, glad you arrived.
    5 gallon gas tanks? Good Lord! That’s funny… enjoy your stay!!🎄😘


  2. Merry Christmas! It looks beautiful. I hope the weather cooperates so everyone arrives safely. We had snow flurries here and Florence was very excited.


  3. Another GREAT adventure ! !
    Your weather is MUCH better than the near zero wind-chill conditions we’ve had up here in Kentucky !
    Enjoy your stay in Bahamas .. and, have a safe return to U.S.A. . . . .


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