Boris has “Scrooged” my Christmas!

Three years in the planning and so close to fruition, my Bahamian Holiday plans have been set asunder.  Boris Johnson has  stopped travel to and from the UK. My children and grandchildren from the UK will miss this Christmas with the entire family and we will miss them.

I am terribly saddened but not forlorn.

Bahamians wisely have a strict COVID policy to which we are faithfully adhering.  We all want to be safe. I know that the rest of the family will be with us at Kamalame Cay, sorely missing the London Wagners but ready to enjoy the season.

On another note:

Denny’s Dilemma

Just before Thanksgiving this year, Denny managed to fall into an open hatch on Dream Seeker.  Consequently,  he has been wearing a black boot from toe to knee to immobilize his two hairline fractures of the tibia. He was told to rest with his foot in the air but this never happened.

The boot is slowly disintegrating.  Bits and pieces of it can be found in and around the boat.  Large black rubber marks are his stamp of approval and a sore hip is an outcome of legs that are two different heights.

The boot is to be worn for six weeks but it will never hold up that long.  It has traveled too far,  from  the mud covered fields, through the murky waters and into the the dregs of the bilge.


  1. So sorry that Boris messed up your plans! This Covid is for the birds. Hopefully things will be a little better next year. The news isn’t too great, even with the vaccine. Maybe at Monarch next year? Good luck to Denny, hope things improve for him.
    Enjoy the family that gets there.


  2. What a disappointment….but you’ll still have most of family together….as for Denny’s boot…it’s called temporary for a reason


  3. So sorry to hear your London family will not be able to join you. I am glad the Bahamas insist on safety. Denny, I hope your leg heals up in spite of all your activity. I had the same problem in 9th grade jumping out of the car to break a walking cast for just such a fracture.


  4. Sorry about the London family and Denny’s boot but I know you all will make the best of it and have a very Merry Christmas! Joe and I wish that for you, a very Merry Christmas!


  5. Buy a lot of large ace bandages. The boot will give the leg structure and the ace will hold it together. Change them when they get wet.



  6. Can you get a boot over there? There’s gotta be a place you could pick one up… people break legs and such.. poor Denny, hope he’s all right. So sorry about your son and family. This Covid really sucks. China better pay dearly for this…. how’s the hotel?? 😘🎄


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