Back in Florida

We are in Florida again!  But Florida is such a big state, 160 miles wide and 500 miles long and we have most if it still to navigate before getting home.

We accessed the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW) in Pensacola with its beautiful white sand beaches and pleasant seaside villages and found Dream Seeker surrounded by groups of five to seven dolphins taking turns to ride in her bow waves. 

I took three videos but then decided to just lean back and watch them cavort in the sea. Two videos are posted with this blog, just click on them to start. The GIWW is much wider than the ICW on Florida’s east coast but both are beautiful.

In the past nine months, Dream Seeker and her crew successfully negotiated one-hundred and fifty-four locks. Each is unique, each is different, and yet, all serve the same purpose. Only one Lock, the Okeechobee lock in Stuart remains to be enjoyed.

Sheared bolts are still dropping on the engine room floor at a rapid rate and the drive shaft appears to be getting longer. A marina with a good service department,Two Georges Marina at Fort Walton proved to be an excellent stop.

Are you one of the two Georges? I asked our greeter. He said, no, he is both of them. Somewhere there was a parting of the ways, but they do have good mechanics.




Shrimp boat in the gulf

8 thoughts on “Back in Florida

  1. So funny that you hit FL yesterday… was talking with mom and she told me their weather had turned cold finally, they had been so hot given the time of year. I laughingly said you and Denny must be close to home because you have been surrounded with the cold all trip. Had no idea at the time the fleece blanket she gave you would prove to be so necessary.


  2. You have finally arrived in Florida! It’s still cool here but getting better. Sorry about the trouble with the engine. It’s tired and wants some rest!! See you soon!😘


  3. The dolphins were a wonderful welcoming party leading you home- so fun to watch.
    You could make a piece of art from all those sheared bolts…?


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