Does the Black Warrior Run South?

Morning came sunny and cold. Untie the lines on deck! Oops! What’s on the deck? It’s very slippery!  Even in my sneakers I’m sliding.  Wow, it’s ice!  The thermometer reads 30.5 degrees. Are we still going south?  Yes, just not fast enough.

The next marina is at Mobile 200 miles down river we will have to anchor out for two nights or more.  Traveling in caravan through the locks everyone is accounted for. Can we get 65 miles down the winding river today before dark? Unfortunately, the way south is not in a straight line, it follows the river.

The port engine is overheating again!  I take the controls and throttle back while Denny goes to his holy place to pray.  Go on ahead we will catch up. Later, the proclamation, It just needed a little coolant.

The chosen anchorage was passed up by the other boats who radioed that It was too full of floating timber, trees and overhanging branches to stop there. We were behind the others and the sun was setting rapidly. Anchoring was imperative. Slowly and very carefully we enter the chosen anchorage.

Go further into the creek!  No, those logs are too big! It is probably better in further. Take the boat hook move that timber! I am dropping the anchor!  Oh no, the current is strong we need to turn the boat around. As Dream Seeker slowly turns we hoist the anchor!  OK!  Now!, drop it again here!

There is too much current here, we need to put out a second anchor. But Denny, you only have one windless.  I am the second windlass! The second anchor is deployed and we back into the trees that are close enough to put overhanging limbs in the cockpit and broken ones all over the fly bridge.

Otter, a thirty-four foot trawler, comes doodling in next to us waving and stops in the middle of the creek. In less than five minutes, drops his anchor, turns on his grille, gets his beer and he is settled in for the night. Calls to us “I have been here before.  This is as good as it gets for anchorages on the river system.”

tree limbs on flybridge
winding river
chosen anchorage
in the trees
branches in cockpit
Nina and Pinta follow us
large barge
south the hard way
in another lock

7 thoughts on “ Does the Black Warrior Run South?

  1. Sounds like you are still having plenty of excitement!!!! Ice on the deck!! Way to cold for a Florida boater!! Hurry south!!!!


  2. Good grief mom, are you supposed to be on that creek? There is an artic blast that came to Jacksonville but not as far south as Tampa. Looking forward to seeing you when you get home!


  3. More adventures!
    I had to look up the definition of windlass.
    Be careful when anchoring under trees- watch out for creatures coming onboard…🐾 looking for food…


  4. Y I K E S .. ice on the deck ! ? !
    Another extra, added ‘attraction’ .. all part of the adventure !
    Warmer air is ‘just around the bend’ . . . .


  5. Now, just for a fun comparison, look again at those replicas of the Nina and the Pinta – long ago I saw similar at St. Augustine – and now imagine sailing one of those across the Atlantic !!! The Dream Seeker is luxurious !


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