Columbus, Mississippi

The sun was shining and soft breezes blowing as we glided easily into our covered slip with room to spare. Welcome  to Columbus! I’m Jimmy the dock master! Throw me a line!

Docktails at 5 tonight!  About nine looper boats were docked with us at Columbus Marina. An opportunity to renew some friendships and make some new ones.

Two courtesy cars were available for our use in two hour increments, one van and one truck. Denny immediately signed up for the truck and we went in search of bolts, having gone through our last supply quickly. The propeller shaft with its keyless compression cup is still  spewing out broken bolts at a rapid pace. 

Columbus is one of the largest cities in Mississippi, but according to “Maps”, the nearest hardware store is 23 miles away. God’s Grace joined us on what became our journey to nowhere in search of hardware. Lots of talking and revelry caused us to miss a turn here and there and 50 miles later the hardware store was in sight. Unfortunately, the store had no bolts but we left fifty dollars poorer because there is always something you need in a hardware store.  It was only 23 miles back to Dream Seeker.

We cannot seem to get south fast enough to stay with the good weather. The following day turned rapidly from 70 to 35 degrees, windy and dreary. This time we took the van and shopped for hats and gloves. A big front is coming down east of the Rocky Mountains and we are experiencing the result of it. 

Denny says, this weather pattern is similar to Texas, where his Uncle Bob used to say, “there is nothing between West Texas and the North Pole but a barbed wire fence.”

We are leaving our good friends on God’s Grace in Columbus. It has been fun traveling with them but they are taking a hiatus from Looping and flying to Polynesia. We wish them Godspeed.

Bumper to bumper traffic
Denny Ken Celeste
Ken Arden Celeste
Crane Barge Tow
Stennis Lock
difficult to get around
Ken Me Celeste

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