Cruising the Tennessee River

Torrents of rain cloud the windshield, music from a small speaker wafts across the pilot house and we are cruising down the river to Florence, Alabama; a little damp from hoisting the anchor but still comfortable.

TVA regulates the River system  to maintain the navigation channel while generating the most power possible with the amount of water available. It has been a pleasure to be able to cruise the nations waterways with relative ease and comfort.

As the rain lessens, bright autumn colors appear in the trees lining the river. Gods Grace was awaiting us at Florence Harbor Marina,  but not for long.  We gave them a big hello and they went merrily on their way to the next lock and and anchorage. 

Denny loved the VW minivan courtesy car with leather interior, 150,000 miles on the odometer and a terrific pick up. I wonder if it might make a good substitute for his 20 year old BMW sitting in our garage at home.

Another four-hundred dollar day at Walmart and more at the grocery store, we stopped at the liquor store too, but this is a dry county and the liquor prices reflected that.  

Gods Grace did not make it through the Wilson lock the night before so they called us early to get going and make the next Lock opening with them. The patient Lock master kept the gates open until we arrived and were lifted 137 feet.

The Wilson Dam, 137 feet high and 4541 feet long was completed in1925.  The oldest dam on the river boasts large arches and unique architecture and is designated a national Historic Landmark.

One thought on “Cruising the Tennessee River

  1. Looks like your heading down the path! Yeah, the leaves are changing up there! Bring some home, everything is green from the rains!😘


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