Montreal, Quebec

I spoke with my son Gary on our entrance to Montreal.  He knows the city well and I asked him what we should see. Many of these next words are his.

The French Canadians and their passion for street art and performance are very unique to Montreal’s identity. The Cirque de Soleil started in Montreal; any new cirque performance must first play on its’ river. The first Cirque performers were poor starving homeless street children. We did see lots of street art and artists.

Is Poutine, a native dish, any good Gary? It sounds gross. “It is delicious but should never be consumed by a healthy person.  It is potato frites covered in disturbingly salty beef gravy with cheese curd for extra fat. You can sit next to someone who is eating it and still taste it”.  We did try the local smoked brisket and it was excellent.

We took the “on off “ bus through the town stopping at the churches parks and underground city. Montreal is thriving, busy and beautiful, but has a surprising number of homeless on its’ streets.


5 thoughts on “Montreal, Quebec

  1. We saw many homeless people when we were there almost ten years ago but, the city is lovely

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  2. Montreal enjoys only four months without ice on the sidewalks, I’m happy you made the correct arrival schedule.


  3. I think the homeless are sometimes like birds, they are more visible when the weather is best and seem to migrate towards the good weather.


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