The Chambly Canal

Sea strainers and more sea strainers and did I mention sea strainers? The root of All evil. Tied up to the dock wall for the night, Denny cleaned out all the filters and in the morning we progressed down the remaining locks and bridges.

Three feet from the lock wall, two feet, catch that line, keep it loose, young college students on summer break manually operate the series of locks and direct Dream Seeker through the narrow openings. Local spectators watch our dexterity and question where we are from. “Florida is a long way away’” Do you like Quebec? Where are you going next? Are you on the Loop? Oh Adieu, the gates are opening. Onto the Richelieu!

From old world to new! It is Sunday and the basin is full of what Denny calls “the Knucklehead navy”. Reminiscent of the Palm Beach waterways you see all shapes and sizes of watercraft travelling fast enough to continually rock our sixty thousand pound boat. Where is that horn?

A kilometer later, the engine is overheating again; drop the anchor, found in another sea strainer, various vegetation, a plastic bag and two minnows. These old canals are beautiful but laden with vegetation.






2 thoughts on “The Chambly Canal

  1. ah well, better the sea strainers than the heat exchanger, or the engines !! Love the blog ! BTW, is Denny counting Sea Crafts observed as you go along ? Florida was big, mid coast not so much, Jersey was big, and Cape Cod / New England – be interesting if you see any in Canada or the Great Lakes. Are you going to hit the Peterborough Lift Lock on the route you’re travelling ?


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