On the Mend

Bend those fingers, stretch that wrist but don’t lift that bale.

Doctors instructions and physical therapy, a new way of life but only in the short term.  Therapists are treating several patients at once with similar injuries. That is when I realize how lucky I am and how much worse the accident could have been.

Another expression that hurts my senses, “It takes time to heal, the process cannot be rushed.” My impatience manifests itself in irritability. I want to get back on the Sea. We want to get back to the journey. The biggest problem is my wrist still has twenty stitches in it and  is quite  swollen and sore.

A visit from two of my children and my personal trainer, John, eases my mind and helps speed me on toward recovery. I also know that even though they are platitudes, life is good and this too will pass.

4 thoughts on “On the Mend

  1. It sounds like your progressing well. I’m impressed that you’re in Pt already. Being a patient is tough. You’re doing great! Hang in there.



  2. Love your big smile at the Boat House. Yes, platitudes can be unwelcome or tiring, but by George they are true. We ARE lucky and we WILL heal (altho mine was by choice, well sorta) Patience is a virtue, persevere!!! xoxo


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