The Town of St Michaels

Once a waterman’s enclave, St Michaels, named for the Archangel Michael, has been transformed into an upscale tourist destination, but the town still has a quaint charm. We anchored just outside of the city and used the dinghy to cruise in.

The eighteen-acre Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is located directly on the dock. Just down the main street is a distilling Company that gives tours and tastings. In between them is an array of small shops with many treasures. We did it all.

As we were returning to Dream Seeker, the skies were darkening, the winds were blowing and a storm was brewing. The challenge became to return to the boat quickly enough to properly secure it without getting plummeted.  Clear heads prevailed and all was accomplished properly and in a timely fashion. The fierce storm only lasted one hour.

That “damm dinghy” performed well but we have not yet mastered the art (or perhaps it is a science) of launching the dinghy and returning it to its proper place on the bridge.

4 thoughts on “The Town of St Michaels

  1. Sounds like a great day. As for the dingy. Practice makes perfect What did they distill in there.


  2. Sean would like that town! His confirmation name was named after St Michael. It looked so quaint there! Did you try the stuff in the distillery? I would’ve! But don’t tell John that!! We aren’t having any rain for a week now, and they aren’t predicting any until next week sometime. A dry spell in the heart of rainy season ,wired.
    I started in my new place, it takes a little maneuvering as it is smaller than my other room, but I love it! All my clients love it too! Take care of yourself and wear your sunblock! 😘


  3. I enjoy reading all of your blogs. I haven’t responded lately as I have undergone cardiac surgery. A stent was placed in my major artery at MMH. Two days later, I flew up to Boston for the summer and will be followed up here. I cannot believe that this all happened within a week.

    I love reading your travelogue. Hope all goes well. Barbara

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  4. Arden and Denny, sounds like you guys really enjoyed St. Michael’s. It is a neat little town. Every year when we went up the bay Saint Michael’s was always a stop. I don’t know if they still do but they used to have skipjack races there on weekends.
    Everything here at home in Monarch is good. Fairwinds and following seas.


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