Solomons MD.

It is morning and we are sailing up the Chesapeake past the entrance to the Potomac River and directly into Spring Cove Marina.  Just in time for the 4 day DeFever Rendezvous. Twenty-five DeFever boats and 100 people.  It is smaller than the Looper rendezvous but has just as much enthusiasm.

Dream Seeker is on “Open Boat” today, which means we show our boat to the others, and we can see theirs. It is amazing how much variety there is in the same style boat.

Remembering some life lessons. Slow down and smell the salt air!!

3 thoughts on “Solomons MD.

  1. what we found out on our journey down the river was this…it was work and you had to pay attention, it was not your
    sunday afternoon lets go out for a ride. So we always took the weekend off and Like you stated “smell the roses”.


  2. We used to hang out at Spring Cove!! Hope you enjoy!! There are So many neat marinas in Maryland and Virginia. Take care😘😘😘😘

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  3. “… Slow down and smell the salt air!! …” — Dream Seeker, May 19th blog post

    A very TRUE statement !
    I follow that rule when ‘cruising’ (on two wheels) through hill and dale . . . .


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