Crossing the Albemarle Sound in North Carolina

Like the month of March, we entered the Sound with strong winds, high waves, dense fog and heavy rain: after an hour it left like a lamb. The sun is shining and all is well with the world.  Travelling at 9 knots, it looks like we will only be one day late for the rendezvous.

Weaving our way across the Sound, while dodging a plethora of crab pots, we entered the Pasquotank River. On our way to Elizabeth City to meet another Sea Craft buddy of Denny’s, do a ton of laundry and scrub the bugs off the gelcoat.

Martin Cross(Uncleboo), a charming southern gentleman, restored an old Sea Craft and delighted in showing Denny the results over drinks and dinner.




2 thoughts on “Crossing the Albemarle Sound in North Carolina

  1. Was getting ready to email you cause never got a call back. You know me Thought the worst. Lol. Your going to have to quit wearing clothes Thus no laundry. Enjoy your rendezvous. Keep blogs coming.


  2. Glad to see that things are getting better. Would have replied sooner, but we were traveling up SC (by car) a little bit behind you and then went to Orlando to watch my granddaughter compete for her cheer team. We are home now. It has been raining with severe thunder, so I am glad you are in better weather.


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